Top 5 Indie Rock Bands of the Decade

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All about Indie music

Many track the start of the indie culture to the 1980s, and since then, it’s attracted largely youth with its unique and creative trends. These days it’s become therefore popular that it’s grownup from a niche to a region of thought society to wherever older people could empathise. There are bound subcultures that have found themselves a part of indie scene, including hippy, emo, grungers, mods, and recently even metal heads. Every of those groups have their own philosophies and beliefs.

Indie Music: An Essential Playlist

Indie bands are recording albums for over twenty years that indie music hardly wants an introduction. And yet, shaping indie music remains mentioned on its true meaning. “Indie” as in severally created albums outside of big recording labels is just the technical definition. To filter all descriptions to its truest definition, involves this: Indie music is music created by artists for themselves, while not artistic limitations, and not supposed for mainstream audience. Often, the word “hipster” pops in, though taken rather negatively, holds true. Indie music, generally, is a preference.

Top 5 Indie Rock Bands

  • The folksy style of The Shins has always struck a chord with me. While the band only produced three albums, they were all top notch. I’m excited for their next release.
  • The Arcade Fire only produced two albums, but Funeral, the band’s debut, was a monumental release and largely defined a style of music that still continues to develop present day. It’s amazing to think that it’s been five years since their debut, but it was a classic that’s still just as enjoyable to this day.
  • Spoon has become one of those mainstays in the indie world, thanks to singer Britt Daniel’s knack for catchy hooks. Look for yet another release in January 2010.
  • Wilco symbolically and musically meant a lot to this past decade, and they get my vote for number two. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot started it all at the beginning of the 2000s, and Jeff Tweedy and crew have continued to produce some great music ever since.
  • Many might say they were the best 90s rock band too, at least of the second half. While my vote there goes to Pearl Jam, Radiohead carried its momentum from the 90s into the 2000s, creating some brilliant and truly innovative music.

Indie Music Band – Getting Band Members

Starting up a band is a very exciting time in a musician’s life. There is a fine balance of nervous anticipation and the fear of the unknown that follows the whole process.

A band has a different dynamic than working as a solo artist. There are other people involved, other personalities, other strengths and weaknesses in character and abilities and because of this it is really important that you have a few things worked out before you start looking for band members.



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